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the fight against scammers


Scammers make millions each year, and they victims afraid and feeling as if they cannot trust anyone. We can't allow this illegal practice to continue.


I report scam domains to Google Safe Browsing, domain hosts and occasionally the Government. I also find and report scam phone numbers.

Why should i care?

Scammers are always after you. They will use new methods every day to convince you that payment or details must be handed over.



Dealing with the scammers

There is a large community aimed at preventing scams. The community calls scammers and wastes their time, costing them hundreds or thousands. Others, like myself, find scam websites, number and emails and report them. We must take action against scamming. The scammer's schemes are becoming more advanced and we need to spread awareness about this. We simply cannot allow this to continue.


How can you help? Call scammers using BobRTC, and report them on scammer.info


Let's take down the scams!


BobRTC makes calling scammers effortless, simply visit https://bobrtc.live/


Gmil.com marked as deceptive AGAIN


Scammer.info reporting levels always getting higher