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Fighting the scammers every day, every hour, every minute.



It is important to know your enemy. It is also important to understand the groups they work in and their locations. Research is critical to find out who actually runs these scams.

Stopping the Scams

The scammers make millions every month. Scams are spreading all over the world. I aim to stop scams by reporting their domains and investigating them.

Banking Scams

Scammers may call or email you claiming to be part of a bank, or say you need to transfer money. You should always call the bank on a number you trust to confirm if they actually called.


Scammers might send text messages impersonating official companies. They may send malicious links which impersonate real websites to get information.


Scammers will try and build up trust with you. Remember, they don't know you and they only want your money or details.


Scammers may send an email impersonating legitimate companies. Some even say that you could be payed millions. Sorry, but that's a scam.